If You Have at Least One Moment of Joy, Do Not Reject It

Keep your eyes on the goodness

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3 min readMar 7, 2022


Joyful Heart — Acrylic painting by Author

Never in the history of humanity have we had this instant flood of bad news threatening any moment of our lives. Yes, famine and war and all the dangers a human being can imagine are part of our history since the dawn of humanity. But the way we are exposed now to wars and crises is something beyond imagination twenty years ago.

If, like me, you are finding yourself feeling guilty because you laugh… or you have the tendency to berate yourself for being frivolous… don't!

There is nothing wrong to want to laugh. There is nothing wrong to avoid the news. To avoid talking obsessively about what happens, what could happen…
And there is nothing helpful in refusing to feel joy.

You are human. Joy can be found in the smallest things in life.

Yes, the dark clouds we see at the horizon look darker than ever.
Even so, they will not disappear because we refuse to honor our need for light.

So, instead of worrying if posting a picture of a kitten or a flower is inappropriate in those times, take your time to look deeper into those pictures. See the beauty in them, see them as a reminder that there are still beautiful things in the world.
Send them to your close friends with an encouraging text:

“I thought you would smile looking at this”.
“Remember to breathe!”

Anything that can help you and your close ones to pause and connect with the present moment.

If you pray or meditate, find some music that helps you to dissipate your worries.
I love this meditation based on The Peace Mantra from Metaverse. It has a magical effect on me. I hope you will have the same feeling about it.

When I do it properly, everything comes into place around me. And this is one of the most precious…



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